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ASCO 2022: Highly promising clinical innovations and breakthroughs at Institut Curie


2 June 2022

ASCO 2022: Highly promising clinical innovations and breakthroughs at Institut Curie

From June 3 to 7 in Chicago (United States), after two years of virtual meetings due to the pandemic, the world’s oncology community will reunite for the essential meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). For five days, physicians from Institut Curie across all areas of oncology will be there in full force to share their very promising results to speed up the fight against cancer.

Prof. Steven Le Gouill, director of the Hospital Group at Institut Curie:


“Following two very unusual years in many respects, I am delighted that this year’s ASCO meeting, with its highly promising results, can be held in Chicago. Physicians from Institut Curie will present unique and original research encompassing targeted therapies, treatment combinations and supportive care, geared towards developing new therapeutic strategies. This year again we have a great many papers accepted at ASCO, a testimony to the excellence of our teams, our international reputation and the importance of the productive collaborations that bring us further in the fight against cancer, for the benefit of patients.“


 The highlights 


Breast and gynecological cancers

  • Elderly women: highly anticipated results from a major breast cancer study  => June 7


And also:

  • Combining radiotherapy and targeted therapy to treat triple-negative breast cancer
  • Real-life analysis of hormone therapy data in breast cancer
  • Advanced cervical cancer: what is the role of immunotherapy?
  • Screening for BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations in ovarian cancer


Digestive cancers

  • Pancreatic cancer: an original study to assess the effectiveness of adapted physical activity (APA)  => June 5


And also:

  • Vaccine therapy in metastatic pancreatic cancer
  • Biliary tract cancers: new data on immunotherapy



  • Early results of a new targeted therapy + immunotherapy combination in mantle cell lymphoma (non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma affecting the B-cells) => June 3


> Nanoparticle & ENT cancers: a phase-3 trial is underway


> Supportive care: “Early together”, a brand-new trial in metastatic uveal melanoma


> 2 theme-based lectures on immunotherapy in pediatric cancers and on treatment of lymphoma


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